Questions I've pondered

What is special about this page?

This is my first use of JSON. It loads the questions in from the Yahoo Answers API, specifying the output as JSON, and provides a function name for the callback. This functions is then executed, and as JSON is all JavaScript under the hood, it is instantly available as an object to add into the page's DOM as a list of questions.

For more information check out the Yahoo Developer pages, there are some security risks with using JSON the way I have from a data source you don't trust (unlike Yahoo), so read up on it first. Also take a look at the source of this page for an example of how its implemented in the real world!

All in all this was the quickest, easiest API I've ever implemented. I could have done the same thing with XML, but the fact that parsing the JSON output is so much easier, you'd be foolish not to look into it and try it out.