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About PhotoWall

PhotoWall is a constantly changing montage of photos taken directly from Flickr (using their fantastic API). It's a great way to view lots of photos at once and discover new photos uploaded to Flickr. PhotoWall fills your screen with as many photos as possible without scrolling, so if you have your PC hooked up to a nice big monitor or plasma screen, you'll get to see more photos! :o)

Choose the photos you want to view using the options* at the top of the screen:

*If you close the options bar, simply hover your mouse near the top to get it back.
**Never repeating is dependant on the upload rate to Flickr, if it is less than 50 per 40 seconds or so, you may see repeating photos.

Clicking an image will open a new window showing the photo in Flickr; be quick though because once a photo's gone, it's gone!

As far as I can tell it works in IE7/6 and FF2. Also, as this page makes heavy demands on your browser to process all the photos and animations, on lesser machines it can cause the page to become jerky, and in some cases the browser to hang. If this is the case, try turning off the animations in the options bar.

Technical stuff

PhotoWall was created to make use of the JSON output format provided by the Flickr API and the brilliant Yahoo User Interface library (YUI). It's also an experiment in using dynamic <script> tags to retrieve JSON data repeatedly in a page, without needing to reload the page or make use of the more complex XMLHTTP objects (as used in AJAX) to make the requests. This mechanism is what provides the infinite stream of photos from Flickr; each request to Flickr actually retrieves 50 photos.

The YUI provides cross-browser support for the animation effects and enabled attaching event handlers to various elements in the page. Thanks go to Jason Levitt for his JSONscriptRequest class for making the dynamic script tags easier to handle. Thanks also go to Tony Ruscoe for helping with testing. For more information on how this works view the source code, it is all client side JavaScript!

Any questions?

Email: photowall [at] cgriley [dot] com

Notice: This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.

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