Online TV Guide

How to provide feedback

  • Check the below lists, if you don't see what you're about to tell me then give me the feedback!
  • Either post a comment in response to this blog post.
  • Or email me direct at tvguide [at] cgriley [dot] com.
  • If I think the idea is a worthy feature request / bug I'll stick it up on this page to be dealt with.


The online TV guide is designed to work in IE6.0 perfectly. It should be fully functional in FireFox 1.0.6, although there are some style problems with the main window. I've fixed these. Netscape 7.01 and 8 are also OK. I've decided anything other than these I don't support, sorry.

Known Issues

  • When first loaded on a new day, the script that updates the XML data doesn't then refresh the listings, thus leaving them out of date to the end user. You then have to close and reopn the browser to see the new listing. Suspect it is a caching issue. New version has fixed this, the way the xml files are stored and called by the AJAX had been updated.
  • In Firefox the main EPG window overlaps the navigation bar. Suspect it is the old box model thingy in CSS. Using a CSS hack I've changed the width in Mozilla based browsers to be a little less than IE so it doesn't overlap anymore.
  • Get rid of the vertical scrolling in IE
  • There's a bug on "ITV Morning News" because it starts at 5:30 and finishes at 9:25. It's mapped at the end of the day rather than at the beginning. The end time for "ITV Nightscreen" is wrong too (presumably linked to the same bug). - Tony

Planned features

  • On pressing the cursor keys left and right it will move the listings back and forth. Suggested by Chris.
  • Alternate colouring of the channels to make horizontal scanning of the listings easier. Suggested by Dawn. Decided not to do this now.
  • When you click a "change time" link, it currently goes to the previous half hour (but I presume this was intentional so you can see what's on if the programme didn't start on the hour). - Suggested by Tony. This is intentional for the reason you give.
  • When you click a "change time" link (and / or the time itself), how about highlighting everything that's on at that moment in another colour (if possible), to make it more obvious what is on at that time. - Suggested by Tony.
  • You could do with a "title" attribute on the channel names, as not all full channel names are displayed. - Suggested by Tony.
  • How about greying out blocks where there's nothing on? Currently, when a channel starts broadcasting at 7AM it doesn't have a left border, so it's not clear by looking at it when it started. For example, take a look at UK History. - Suggested by Tony.
  • When viewing the EPG, the current time and day displayed should be highlighted in the options at the top, and when scrolled in the window should update the highlight. - Suggested by Chris.
  • The script highlighting the time makes the scrolling a bit sluggish, look to improve the code - Chris. Improved the code and am happy with the performance of it now.
  • When pressing the cursor keys left and right when already at the extremes of the window, move to the next / pervious day. - Suggested by Chris/Tony