Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Posted by Chris @ 7:32 PM

Absolute genius, do not skip the start, and do not give up on it, just wait and you will be rewarded. Oh and you'll want your speakers turned up.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm back!

Posted by Chris @ 3:17 PM

Sorry if you tried to look at my website yesterday, but 123-reg decided that they didn't want to run their nameservers anymore, and so managed to take down their website, and pretty much every website they managed the domain for! I'm not too chuffed with this, as are a few other people, but what can you do! It means I might not have got any mail you sent me yesterday, not that I get that much ;o)

Will I change who manages my domains? Maybe, lets see what excuse 123-reg come up with for letting both of their nameservers go down without a comprehensive backup and recovery solution!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Do not put cheese in the toaster

Posted by Chris @ 8:13 PM

Like all workplaces we have a kitchen where we can prepare food, make drinks etc, and so we have the usual stuff, kettle, fridge, microwave and toaster. And like all workplaces we have various signs to help keeps things in order. The only thing is things have got a little out of hand now. We now have a sign over the toaster that reads “Please do not put cheese in the toaster.” Yep some idiot has tried to make a cheese toasty in the toaster. Obviously it broke the toaster, so work got a new one. The amazing thing is even with the sign someone has now tried to put cheese in it again, simply staggering!

Anyway this whole episode got me thinking, who would actually put cheese in a toaster? The answer, this guy would. Admittedly his blog is quite funny, but still what a fool.

I then turned to the ever faithful Yahoo Answers community, where I asked “Have you ever put cheese in a regular toaster?” Apart from some misunderstanding and thinking I had put the cheese in the toaster I got some good answers. This I a particular favourite.

Yes, I do this all the time. I never taste the cheese though. I think it melts and falls to the bottom of my toaster. I scrape it out once a month or so. I am lactose intolerant, so I fool myself into thinking that I am eating cheese, when I am really only having toast.

And finally I even found a song about it, although I don't know where to get a version to listen to. (If you find one let me know!)

So there you go, signs for the stupid at work. All we need now are some signs to tell them to not wipe their bogeys on the wall in the lads loo, and to wipe up their piss if they sprinkle!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bathroom finished!

Posted by Chris @ 9:18 PM

A couple of weeks ago I told you that we had had our new bathroom fitted and all that was left to do was “paint, fix on the various cabinets and towel rails etc. and get the floor done by Dawn's dad.”

Well now those things are done! We have been painting the woodwork, walls and ceiling like troopers during the week. Kevin fit the floor this morning, and then helped me fit the cabinet, toilet roll holder and towel rail. A final flourish and tada! Check out the pics....

DSC02032 DSC02033 DSC02031

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pigeon Detectives

Posted by Chris @ 12:19 AM

Well, I've just got back from my second gig, the Pigeon Detectives. I'm still a bit tipsy, so this should be fun.

They were good, energetic, good songs, great front man.

Whilst I didn't attempt a full on mosh I did something like a mosh by bouncing up and down on the spot, so there was progress made :o) The amount of crowd surfing going on by “the faithful” was ludicrous, at least two or three people were surfing at any one time, mental!

The only downside - throwing beer. I just don't get it, what is the point, people either get covered in sticky wet beer, or get hit by a plastic glass, or worse get covered in piss. That just isn't pleasant. As I let my ears ring as I type I'm slowly starting to smell of stale beer. Not great, you muppets.

That aside a damn good gig - next I'd like to watch Muse, so if you see them coming to an arena near you soon let me know.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

An unworkable idea

Posted by Chris @ 1:40 PM

This BBC News story has annoyed me, Support for ad-tracking opt out. A bunch of privacy advocates are calling for a ad tracking opt out list to stop online advertisers tracking what you do online for the purposes of personalised advertising. They want advertisers “that place electronic cookies or tags on consumers' computers to register with the FTC all domain names of the servers involved in such activities, according to the groups”

I'm sorry, that is completely unworkable. The number of domains and servers involved in this kind of operation is going to be to many to track on some list. Even if they get the big boys to sign up to this it won't stop other smaller advertisers from doing this, and in case people haven't noticed the web is global, so any advertiser based in the US will simply move to a country that doesn't have this law and continue.

And have they actually considered what would happen if this did go ahead, suddenly there wouldn't be as many relevant adverts being show, less clicks equals less ad revenue, which means all these wonderful free services we have, supported by adverts, we suddenly have to pay for. Well thanks a bunch.

If you're so worried about your browsing habits being tracked that you want an ad opt out list then 1) what are you surfing for? ;o) and 2) disable (or prompt) cookies in your browser - it is the easiest and simplest solution to ad tracking!