Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Posted by Chris @ 8:22 PM

Well, surprising as it may be I've only just converted my blog feed to use FeedBurner.

FeedBurner means I get some stats about how many people actually subscribe to my blog feed, so I know just how unimportant I really am ;o)

For many this is not going to be of interest, and in all honesty this post is as much about making sure the redirect I've put on the original feed is working correctly as it is proclaiming my use of FeedBurner.

One benefit of Google buying FeedBurner means that what you once had to pay for is now free, so I'm making use of the MyBrand feature so my feedburner feed url is actually on my domain, and not on so if I want to reclaim my feed in the future, hopefully that will be fairly trivial.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough for this to be a good test. Oh, and obviously if you haven't seen this in your feed reader let me know. Do you see the irony? I'm a God damn comic genius ;o)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vista system restore

Posted by Chris @ 8:40 PM

If like me you've got Windows Vista, then you may well have system restore points setup to be generated automatically. If like me you've also noticed your PC seems to have it's HDD constantly accessed, then give this a go. Personally I've never use a system restore point, and I don't think I will. Whilst doing a bit of system maintenance I switched system restore off, and not only did I gain 3GB, but my HDD was instantly silent, no more continuous accessing, hurrah! Obviously only do this if you know what you're doing ;o)

Snakes on a Plane

Posted by Chris @ 8:25 PM

Despite all its Internet hype I never did watch Snakes on a Plane when it was released in the cinema, we just never got around to it. Well this weekend we bought it after seeing Samuel L. Jackson on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross mentioning it and we watched it Saturday night.

Well, obviously I was expecting some motherf**king snakes on a motherf**king plane, and that's what I got. I also got quite a good film. You can tell people have contributed to the production of this film, things like where the snakes decide to bite to make their initial kills in the film, one right on a sexy woman's nipple, the other on a guy's penis whilst he takes a piss, another snake pleasures a lady sleeping in her chair etc, but above all that it keeps the tension running, and actually has a plot line to it. All in all a right good comical thriller in my eyes. If you haven't already given it a watch then do, if nothing else it passes the time compared to the drivel that is Saturday night TV at the moment ;o)

English grammar

Posted by Chris @ 8:07 PM

I'm opening myself up to a whole world of abuse with this blog title, but here goes.

We've had a couple of baby grows bought for us now, but this one caught my eye for a particular reason. Do you know why?


If you haven't got it check out “Daddys”, that should read “Daddy's” Yes, another case of the missing apostrophe (I know, I'm no saint in that department), and on a piece of clothing, not only that but a piece of clothing that will be worn by an impressionable young mind picking up English wherever she goes. I'll have to get Dawn to sew in the apostrophe. It is made in China as well, I wonder if that has anything to do with it, or if it is just some lax product manager in England that cocked up! I tell you, what is English grammar coming to!

Fahrenheit Food

Posted by Chris @ 8:00 PM

Friday evening saw Dawn and I go out for a well deserved meal, because quite frankly we're great. The only problem is that round our way (in Wombwell) there is very little in the way of decent food outlets. Sure we have the odd pub (Wetherspoons, Brewers Fayre) but for a decent restaurant meal, we really struggle. More often than not we head to trusty Sheffield. Well no more, for a culinary delight has opened in the village 5 minutes down the road from us in Wath Upon Dearne. Fahrenheit Food, it has to be said, seems a little out of place, but what the hell, it is about time a decent restaurant opened up. Going off their website you can see this place is decorated very nicely. And ringing up on a Wednesday to book a table for the Saturday was suitably hard that we had to take a table on Friday at 9pm, so it is obviously a popular spot.

So, what was it actually like? Well, as you may have gathered by now, very nice. After being shown to our table (with sumptuous leather seats) we ordered and awaited our food. First came a “compliments of the chef” slow roasted fig with parma ham which was certainly something I wouldn't have tried normally. I have to say I didn't mind it too much, Dawn wasn't so keen on it. Then came our starters, the spiced chicken and pine nut salad with lardons, Ciabatta crutons and a balsamic reduction. That was delicious and both Dawn and I ate it all up, I'm hungry just writing about it again. Next, to cleanse our palates, we had an intermediate course. On the night it was a choice between mushroom soup and green apple sorbet. We both had the sorbet and found it to be very good. And finally our mains, Dawn had ordered the Duck with red cabbage and a strawberry and black peppercorn sauce. She really enjoyed that and seemed very happy with it. I had the steak, and whilst not disappointed I thought the fact it had been griddle cooked meant there was too much of a burnt taste at times, but that could have been down to old oil since we were a late sitting. But despite this I polished it all off and was replete.

The three courses are a set price of £27 each, with desserts extra, which I think isn't bad value for money, and the drinks were reasonably priced. I had a lovely Chardonnay and double expresso to finish things off, and Dawn had a white grape drink and hot chocolate. All in all we are very happy to have found a decent restaurant 5 minutes from our house, so friends and relatives beware, your next visit to us could end up there!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

An empty loft

Posted by Chris @ 3:07 PM

We've been having a good clear out today because our loft, frankly, was far to full of crap. It also means we can refill it with crap from around the house, so that we can fit baby stuff into the house. Part of a master plan, if you will.

We managed to throw out at least 4 bin bags of stuff, and the amount of cardboard was ridiculous. If you imagine a load of boxes folded flat and stacked, and then realise that stack is pretty much a foot in height, that equates to a load of boxes, believe me. We also ditched a monitor, stereo, kettle and toaster that didn't work and had been hoarding for no good reason. It really was quite therapeutic.

Anyway, as well as things to throw out, there is a good amount of stuff to sell as well, and this is where I need your help blog fans. We're after a decent car boot sale, either in Barnsley or Sheffield, where we can sell our wears. I've already found details about the one behind Hotel Bristol in Sheffield on a Sunday, and the one in the market place in Barnsley on a Sunday, has anyone been to these sales, what are they like, which do you think is the better? And if you want to buy some crap off us let me know and I'll tell you what we've got ;o) (Although we still have the understairs cupboard and sideboard to clear out, so that list may grow yet.)

So to conclude, having a clear out is good for you, and I need help with car boot sales!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Undercover Economist

Posted by Chris @ 8:33 PM

I've recently finished reading “The Undercover Economist” by Tim Harford which Chris kindly lent to me. If, like me, you've got a dormant interest in economics then I highly recommend you read this book. It helps to introduce the economic jargon and theories you'd expect to come across in an economics degree in a well written easily digestible format. Just what I wanted, and now I'm free to pontificate about free trade, tax policies and the Chinese economy with the best of them! Watch out, there is an economics based conversation coming your way soon ;o)