Friday, August 24, 2007

Hurricanes on the web

Posted by Chris @ 8:37 PM

Over the last week you can't have failed to notice that Hurricane Dean has passed across Jamaica and Mexico, causing a lot of damage. Whilst we in the UK get coverage of this on the news, and the odd quick bit at the start of a weather forecast, I like to have more information about these amazing but devastating storm systems. Luckily for me the web is full of real time information about Hurricanes, so I thought I'd share what I've found with you.

First off is the obvious one, America's National Hurricane Center, which is full of information. This also leads off nicely to the NESDIS website, which provides satellite imagery of the Hurricane areas and the USA. Of particular interest on this website are the images provided by the GOES satellites.

Moving away from the official websites I found this website,, which is run by “weather hobbyists” and contains an absolute wealth of information. Of particular interest to me were the mashups with Google Maps of Hurricane track data (where they went) for particular years. They have data stretching back for every year to 1902! You can view an individual Hurricane, like the recent Hurricane Dean, or now infamous Hurricane Katrina, or you can see all Hurricanes for a particular year. This I like, take 2005 for example, there were some 32 Hurricanes / tropical storms, criss-crossing all over the place that year, incredible.

So there you have it, I hope this nugget of Hurricane related website goodness has whetted your appetite, so the next time you hear about a Hurricane on the news don't just take their word and pictures for it, get on the web and find out a bit more!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 138 in the Big Riley Womb

Posted by Chris @ 8:14 PM

Well today was Dawn's 20 week scan (at 19wks and 5 days) and I am pleased to report that baby Riley is fine, with 10 fingers and toes, a healthy heart and legs and arms and everything, but no more scans now, boo! And yes, we know the sex, and whilst the sonographer warned us that is was a best guess and she can't be 100% sure, she thinks it will be a little girl!

Imagine that, we're going to have a daughter. One amusing anecdote I've heard about having a daughter already is “if you have a son you only have one boy to worry about, if you have a daughter you have all the boys to worry about!” That made me chuckle.

In other news I've been feeling the baby kick for the last week or two now, that is a bit weird and wonderful, and Dawn feels it moving all the time! Anyway we've been told from now to the baby being born will fly by, and it is the time to start buying things, so any donations welcome ;o) And don't forget, it could still be a boy, so don't go mad on pink things!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

God damn Elvis

Posted by Chris @ 8:30 PM

I've ranted about Elvis before, but my God you people don't seem to have got the message yet, so I'll say it again!


This latest round of Elvis bashing is brought to you by the media, intent on celebrating 30 years of Elvis' death, and right royally annoying me, again. Give it a rest already! I don't want to hear about a dead pop star, more than I want to hear about Amy Winehouse leaving rehab, or Lindsey Lohan being stopped for drink driving, or Paris Hilton, etc, report the news, not crap, PLEASE!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh the irony

Posted by Chris @ 1:41 PM

There is a nice irony on the BBC News front page today. A story telling us about how using “out of office” is the latest weapon in the fight against our every increasing email inbox is the second most emailed story on BBC News today, genius.

Update: It is now the most emailed story, the irony just gets better!

News online irony

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ali and Adi's wedding

Posted by Chris @ 9:11 PM


Last Thursday was my sister's wedding, so she is no longer a Riley, but instead an Evans! It was a grand do, held at Best Western Waterton Park Hotel, just outside Wakefield. The location was stunning, the hotel is set on an island in a lake, and Alison looked amazing. Adi, of course, scrubbed up well, and the ceremony went without a hitch.

The weather was fantastic, sunny but not too hot, and so the photos were all outside. Then we had the speeches before the meal. Both Dad's and Adi's were fine, and the best man's was a little riské - he started off saying he'd “tried the speech out at his nan's nursing home, he thought it went down well because they all pissed themselves!” Second was a classic, “I hope Ali and Adi enjoy their honeymoon in Wales, at least I think that is where they are going because when I asked what he is doing after the wedding he said I'm going to Bangor for a week!” Genius, it raised a few eyebrows and got plenty of laughs!

The meal was really good, melon, tomato and basil soup, a good sized portion of beef and veg, and a puff pasty heart filled with raspberry mousse, delicious. Then finally it was the evening do, and I drank and danced my little heart out with Alison, especially towards the end with some classic trance tunes been hammered out by the DJ, and he only had a bloody laser light, excellent!

All in all a fantastic day, the both of them looked really happy, and Dawn and I wish them all the best for the future, congratulations sis! Our photos of the day can be seen here.