Monday, February 28, 2005

Battered, bruised and grumpy

Posted by Chris @ 6:30 PM

So after the weekend at Dawn's parents to have a final practice snowboarding on the Carlisle ski slope my right shoulder and arm are killing me, and my bum is aching too.

Yes, despite all my confidence a week ago on the nice, easy fall, slopes of Sheffield, faced with the steeper, hexagonal old fashioned dry slope, I was all over the shop - my confidence out the window, all I could face was some heel side slipping. Gutted. To top it all getting up the rope tow was the hardest thing, so when I do hit the real slopes getting to the top of a run will be a challenge in itself!

However that all said I am looking forward more than ever to get on real snow, I just know its going to be far easier than on the Carlisle slope, and all that I have been taught and learnt at Sheffield will come back and be implementable!! Well, I can live in hope anyway!!

I'm also looking forward to getting away for a bit, eating some good food and soaking up the ski resort atmosphere - in a way we are really lucky to be going with people who already know the resort so that we can do all the good bits, board on the best pistes and avoid all the rubbish bits!!

Finally I'm a little grumpy because the much touted Tesco Visa Card still hasn't arrived, and so looks like my hopes of having a shiny new digital camera to play with are vanishing very quickly, as are Dawn's hopes of getting the cross trainer for some last minute exercise before we go away.

Damn the postal system.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Snowboarding and news

Posted by Chris @ 5:09 PM

Well, just completed our Snowboarding level 4 lesson (for the second time) but this time it was much better! I was turning like a pro (well, pretty good anyway!) Thoroughly enjoyed it and since that was my last lesson before we go away, I can't wait to get on the slopes now!

Dawn had a good lesson too, so we're both feeling ready for the challenge!

In other news Tracy's leaving do on Friday was a good laugh - I was fairly drunk, as some photos taken by Tony Ruscoe will prove! We started in the Wig and Pen, a really nice pub that's just off the beaten track enough for it not to be too busy and a definite must for any future nights out in Sheff. After that we ended up at the legendary Leadmill, and danced the night away to cheesy pop!

Finally I have to announce the winner in the battle of the search engines to correctly index my site the quickest. It goes to the new kid on the block, msn search. Google and Yahoo are still lagging behind, quoting my old version, and this site changed well over three weeks ago now! So well done to msn, you never know, this might make me switch my default search this space.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Digital cameras

Posted by Chris @ 8:31 PM

By the power of budgeting and a 0% introductory offer until Nov 05 from Tesco Credit Cards I can now shop for a digital camera!

After much deliberating, I've plumped for the Sony Cybershot DSC P200. For a while I was looking at the Fuji E550, but I didn't like the design, and the 6 million native CCD, even if it is interpolated to 12 million pixels was less than the 7.2 native offered by the Sony.

So I've gone for the Sony, mainly because I can get a 7.2 million pixel camera, with a good shutter speed that looks as sexy as any camera I've seen. This review site gives a good review of the camera, with a few pics, and by the power of froogle I have managed to find it for just £249.99 delivered from Currys. So give me a couple of weeks and hopefully you should see the fruits of my first photographic labours in the photos area of the site!

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Posted by Chris @ 5:00 PM

Just seen this thread on Sheffield Forum and found this site. It has a live stream of the check in area of the jail, and you can also listen to live radio dispatch from the Sheriff's dept. I have to say on broad band in general the streaming cams are much better than time lapse ones.

And this got me thinking what other streaming webcams are out there. Earthcam seems to have a lot of webcams listed, and the New York City Department of Transport has loads of excellent streaming cameras to keep an eye on traffic, which also happens to cover some landmarks like Broadway. And last time I looked, this one of Times Square had tourists waving at it - morons.

In the future as I find more interesting webcams I shall post links to them here.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Prince Charles and Camilla to Wed

Posted by Chris @ 7:33 PM

So, old Charlie boy has popped the question to Camilla, and they are getting married in April.

There, that took one line of text and now everyone can move on. But no, the BBC has decided that this is important.

Now before I continue I would like to point out I am not against the monarchy, it's what makes Britain Great Britain, and sure boosts our tourist appeal.

However why the BBC has chosen to go on and on about the announcement of a wedding is beyond me. Some people care, some people don't and in the 20 minutes devoted to the subject on the 6 o'clock news this evening I thought they had covered it fine. But no, they decided a news special was in order at 7 o'clock. I wouldn't mind, but in true BBC style there was nothing new and they just rehashed everything from 6 o'clock. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT! I daren't turn over to News24, it would be like Ground Hog 15 minutes!

I have to say on matters of supposed importance, the BBC really do go over the top, endlessly repeating themselves and it is very irritating. Some would say don't watch it, but when they change the schedule on BBC1 there is no escaping it.

So my final thoughts:

  • To Charles and Camilla, congrats and all the best.
  • To the BBC, shut up and move on.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Google AdSense lacks any!

Posted by Chris @ 7:26 PM

I'm currently engaged in a war - yes with Google AdSense and religion! I've installed Google AdSense onto the site to generate some cash, and top have a play around with it, but on the photos page a whole new war has emerged.

I'm not a hugely religious person, as you might have gathered from my footer, but Google AdSense in it's infinite wisdom has decided that this one comment means my entire photos page (for now) is devoted to religion! I'm now filtering out all of the URLs I can that it sticks on that page to do with religion, but I can see this battle will only be won by either adding more photos and hoping that Google AdSense picks up on them, or by removing the ad itself, which I refuse to do on principle!

In my battle against the ads should you happen to click on the ad on the photos page you might cost them some money, and that would be no bad thing!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Snowboarding and birthdays

Posted by Chris @ 7:47 PM

So, we had our second official lesson today, and I have to say what a buzz. There's nothing quite like flying down a hill (even if it is only 20 metres long!) knowing you can stop your board and not fall over!

Dawn has done well too, completing her first turns and is now moving onto the main slope! I'm still on the nursery slope next week, but hope to join Dawn soon after that!

On other things Mum's birthday went really well, had a lovely steak dinner at Monk Fryston Hall, and Mum's pressie, sending her to Chelsea flower show, went down really well!

Happy birthday Mum!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sphere XP

Posted by Chris @ 10:28 PM

Sphere XP
So, just got this Sphere XP installed after Tony showed the website to me - got to say this is fantastic - absolutely love it, and I think even once the novelty has worn off I will still be using it to organise my desktop. A simply fantastic idea. Go and download it NOW!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Flowers and monkeys

Posted by Chris @ 10:02 PM

Firstly, for those who care our florist for the wedding is coming round tomorrow night to talk about bouquets and button holes, and more importantly for me, cost!

Secondly a question posed at work today, and I think possibly on Ricky Gervais' radio show, is given and infinite number of monkeys and an infinite amount of time, what would happen?

Answers via the comments section please!

Annoying CSS!

Posted by Chris @ 9:58 PM

So, having chosen my blogger template and applied it to the rest of my site, you might have noticed some issues with links not displaying unless you scrolled, or appearing to be slightly covered.

I have now sorted these issues, and I offer my thanks to this blog that pointed me in the right direction. Turns out divs and background colors in IE don't like each other, yet another bug to add to the vast array in my head!

Anyway, hope you can navigate the site a little easier now!