Monday, January 31, 2005


Posted by Chris @ 7:34 PM

Dawn and I are both learning to snowboard, hopefully good enough that we can make it down a mountain and not on our backsides!!

We've been learning very casually at Carlisle ski slope, but now that we have a definite holiday planned we are taking proper lessons at Sheffield Ski Village (it's closer than Carlisle!)

Now me being me I like to prepare, so I've been reading this book I bought a while back for some tips before I went. It's very good but lacks video - so I thought I would turn to the trusty internet to turn up some results. The results I'm afraid are very poor - the best site I have come across is BoarderPlanet, and animated Gifs don't really cut it.

So this is a plea, whilst I am very much enjoying my practical lessons at Sheffield is there anywhere online that is a decent snowboarding resource?!?!?!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Photos and update

Posted by Chris @ 8:21 PM

Right then, after some looking around the net I've found a very useful php script called Qdig, that means I can just ftp pictures, and it creates galleries on the fly. Marvelous! I had looked at Flickr, but to be honest didn't like it - I wanted it to be simpler and it just didn't seem to be.

I've added in a few pictures from the archives, and some new ones from our walk today on the Rivelin Valley. Our camera is shit by the way, so I apologise for the image quality! I must add thanks to Chris Hill for our discovering Rivelin Valley, because until I had seen his pictures of it, I didn't know it existed!

One final note, we've booked our honeymoon!! And for those living in the South Yorkshire area I can highly recommend our newest airport for cheap flights - £75.00 for Dawn and I to go to Prague in July!!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Site update

Posted by Chris @ 5:21 PM

Right, I've now added in a page for links and photos, and because I like this template so much, I've used it for those pages! I'm now about to scout around for a decent photo gallery manager - the one Christopher Hill used looked good before he went to Flickr, so I'm heading over there now.

(I'll update the links page soon!)


Posted by Chris @ 9:55 AM

As I'm currently in the process of updating the website the links and photos are not available - sorry if you've come looking for them! I'm planning to try and get them all reuploaded by the end of this weekend.

Friday, January 28, 2005

The Riley family tree

Posted by Chris @ 9:00 PM

My Uncle has been researching the Riley family tree for quite a while now, and being the techie member of the family, I have put it online. I've used a nice php solution called phpGedView to display the GEDCom file, which produces charts and has all sorts of other functions.

Enjoy reading about my family!

Blog moved

Posted by Chris @ 8:58 PM

It's taken a bit of faffing around, but I have now successfully transferred the blog to my domain name This should make it easier for me to muck about with, and easier for people to find!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The birth

Posted by Chris @ 10:49 PM

And so with much screaming, but not much blood, I have finally dragged my arse into the world of blogging, and along for the ride with me is Dawn!

I hope to post our ramblings on a fairly regular basis, and once funds allow for a digital camera, pictures of our endeavors will follow.

That is all.